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Everything that exists in the world has a song. Every object resonates with a frequency. And every substance carries music within.


Rooai. The song

Rooai bluetooth speaker designed by busypeople. The 7x7x10 inches black charred wooden cabinet carries a solid Lithe Audio driver. The sound is distributed by the cone right below the speaker, which helps the sound fill the room evenly. Our 13x13x12.5 inches speaker is a little fatter compared to a bookshelf speaker.


We 've been testing, tripping & partying on the sound. If any of you want to check the sound, you are welcome, just email us.

DSCF7772 copy.jpg
IMG_4167 2 copy.jpg
DSCF7746 copy.jpg

Someone is Busy
hitting the floor

DSCF7831 copy.jpg

Someone is busy reminiscing

DSCF7872 copy.jpg

Someone is busy
getting drunk

DSCF7892 copy.jpg

Someone is busy ordering more wine

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