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Like most people under lock down, the day also has household chores, team meetings, zoom video calls, long distance coordination, whatsapp conversations, shared recipes, quiet moments on the balcony and many cups of coffee But what the lockdown has brought to notice are the many small details, things that are around but lost in the chaos.

Mongolia  Ride


BSA Bantam D1 1948 & 2018 KTM 390

Its fascinating to work on two such different motorcycle simultaneously. The ambition is to bridge the generation gap and make them meet some where in 70's. 

BSA, we started work on upgrading the engine with modern and better electronics along with upgraded suspension and clutch.

KTM, with reworked subframe, spoke wheels, tank and other body work, we imagined a classic scramble. 


Heat it, beat it, bend it, repeat. Took almost 30 mins of repeated hammering to get to this. My first ever shaping metal. 

Love it!


An awkward situation. To me the most eloquent moment is the ungainly instant. When words spoil what is being said. It’s when the moment needs no language that the conversation becomes gaunt but lyrically fresh. And sometimes you don’t even need people for this conversation to happen.

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