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She’s been a year in the making. But it was never about the time.
The simple joy of casting ideas in metal and carving designs out of blocks and sheets is the sort of thing one can’t ever really measure by the clock.


Most of her parts are handmade except a few which I must admit gave me a bit of trouble. But nothing geometry and physics couldn’t fix. 


The carburettor is stock but the intake manifold and air filter are built around it to visually jut out from the side. The small tool box finds a snug fit in the chassis. It carries loads of wires, a battery and a car ignition switch which fires to make a sweet retro sound, thanks to a baffle inspired by the 2-stroke exhaust system. The headlight has been reverse engineered around a searchlight glass I came across at an antique shop. The seat is held together by leaf suspension. The wooden taillamp, heat-guard and the RE monogram are all bespoke. As is the colour which was mixed and combined painstakingly till the perfect shade of satin grey emerged.


She is not just my first commercial motorcycle but also my most elaborate. 


She was originally Royal Enfield Classic 500. 

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