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Explorer on the moon

A homage to The Adventures of Tintin, the bike was built for a young boy in his early teens.


A small scrambler was always on our minds, given the bike will be ridden around the beaches in Goa. We stripped down a 110 cc commuter Honda for the frame and the engine. Everything else was designed keeping in mind the weight, height and capability of an eleven year old.


Classic, toy, trusty motor, tech and a whole lot of fun were the words flowing in our heads as we sat down to sketch the bike. It gives me great joy to say that its final form wasn't far away from the first draft.


We started off with the tank from scratch, which took the most amount of time but everything fell in place after that as the bike began to take a tangible shape. We deliberately kept the carburetor fully accessible so that he can fiddle around and understand the bike better. On the other hand we hid all the wiring! Kids, don't fiddle around with wires!. 


A Motogadget speedo for the glittery big typography. The front forks were changed to a fatter diameter for that toy-like feel. We spent hours of machining time on the hub to fit the front disk on a 16inch rim. The tail lamp was also machined out of an aluminium billet to go with the Denali headlamp. Nikki Garage, Bombay worked their magic with an irresistible, classic paint job. With glittery red to shine over an off-white base. And finally my love for typography made me sketch on the tank, fenders and helmet. 

This is one helluva bike for an eleven year old; no kidding!

Line drawing.png
Screenshot 2020-03-20 at 11.51.51 PM.png
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