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Himalayan Mineral Water

From pitch to reality, its a dream run for any team in the world. We not only worked on the new Identity but the label designs, the communication and the bottle design were all part of the first presentation we made to the TATA Himalayan team.


The Bottle design was something I was getting in for the first time but persistence worked. The biggest achievement was to remove the ribs and make the bottle clean when you hold it, keeping the purity of the over all idea intact. 


The labels were not just labels they were communication. Each label, communicated one stage of the process, the water has gone through. Hence every bottle in your hand became a commercial for the brand.


I was born

in the Sivalik range of the Himalayas. In a place most
of you visit only in an Atlas.
In a time that wasn't measured by cuckoos that sprang out of clocks. In a silence that was sometimes punctuated by howling winds and gushing streams. In a world that had nothing to do with yours.
Seems like reason enough to be here.

Live Natural

I grew up

in a world where music played when birds were in the mood to chirp. Where fashion statements weren't mass manufactured. Where grass and laugh lines were celebrated and not mourned. Where water was filled with natural minerals - sodium, calcium, potassium - served warm or chilled, depending on the time of the day. In keeping with the times, we’ve just put a label on it.


Live Natural

I spent my youth

never questioning a destiny that led me from the top of the Sivalik range to the foothills of the Himalayas. Nor the decades I spent gathering the natural goodness of minerals like sodium, calcium, and potassium. Where I come from, destiny is a good thing And now that yours has led you to me, don’t hesitate to drink up.


Live Natural

I look back
on life

- it’s funny how things turn out. You, the creator of the beeping siren and honing cars, yearn for the solitude of the mountains. You, a connoisseur of fast food, now gaze at water that took years to gather natural minerals as it trickled down from the Himalayas to within your reach. And I, some of the purest water in the world, stand here, trapped in a bottle. Come, enjoy the irony.


Live Natural

I am so pure

I make a worldly worn-out cliche like “pure” seem new again. So pristine, I could have only survived twelve hundred meters above the rest of the world. So removed, the only things I’ve been in contact with before you are sun, wind, earth and snow. I am one of the purest things you’ve laid your hands on. I hope you’re thirsty.


Live Natural

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